Monday, April 4, 2011

art from colour rending class

First two plates. Poster painting, I think? The flower (yes, it's a plant, not a puppy) is monotonous while the chow chow is analogous. Of course I might be wrong, cause I don't remember anymore. But I do remember hating starting that chow chow. :-\ stupid memories. Although I liked colouring it cause it looked cute and I liked the colours involved. But in reality, it's dirty like fuck.

Colour pencils (sakura). Birds! Birds I say! The yellow one is for midterms, and this magpie that I screwed up... leaves a memory of bitterness. Still, they are quite cute (and fucking colourful), no?

Latest plate. Oil Pastel. Muffin, flowers and doggy. I personally like the flowers best; I think my professor agrees. :)) I hated this the most at first... But I really enjoy it. I like pastels! :D I just hate it when the felt paper is being a bitch, rubbing and all that dirt. Grr.

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